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we will go downtown to check in with roosevelt this is a story that impacted so many. >> reporter: let me read you a list of names, kennedy, the foundation to fight blindness, big brothers and sisters, a lot of different charities, just a short list of the different charity that art and his wife have helped in the baltimore community. they have been a good friend to the town. it's about more than just writing a check. for every cause art and his wife supported they were there, whether it was here or in cleveland. >> i think he should be remembered for creating a great learning center. the academic center was named for him. so when that ground was broke and when it finishes the
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construction in august of 2013 i think we can look at that when the library is in there and that there will be this legacy and love of learning that's renewed here at the school now. >> reporter: this is a school in southwest baltimore. every day close to 400 at risk children get a private boarding school education. the first class will graduate in two years and they have a new class starting out this year. the school is changing lives. next year the education center will openo, classroom space that will let the seed grow. >> talking about personal giving and caring and going out and doing things. it wasn't that he just gave the money and was to gracious that way. they gave money to saint vincent's, to have a thing for domestic violence social work. they gave to hopkins, here, they would go out and be there as well. it wasn't just the giving of
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the money but they were involved. >> the thing is that when he talk about the foot print here that -- as i said that was just the short list of the different charities that have been helped by art and patricia. he will be missed in many, many different regards. his funeral service will be held here on saturday. we will have all the details on the website at abc reporting live. >> we have been getting statements all day from members of the ravens family. the team owner said that he was my friend, my mentor, how fortunate i am to have had him teach me about the nfl. we. and ravens head coach released a long statement about his relationship. he said in part art made me feel like i could accomplish anything. he was the most encouraging soul i ever came across.
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he up lifted everybody around him. i loved art and he loved my family including my parents. he welcomed us to baltimore with the real warmth and grace. it's often said about those in the hall of fame that can you write the history of the league without him? the answer with art is resounding. for more on his life, his legacy and reaction to his death, head to the website we have a slide show of, you will find it there on the home page. >> on the weather front. the radar showing nice clearing for all of the festivals tonight at camden as we take on the yankees and reveal the big cal ripkin statue. the humidity is oppressive. classic baltimore humidity. we are carrying a little late in the season as we push toward mid-september. though it's damp from the source today and all the
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humidity tonight we do see clearing to the west. improvements on the way for part of the weekend. we will have more on that coming up. staying muggy for the orioles but relatively rain free and chance for fog at daybreak. we will talk about the weekend coming up. >> investigators are trying to determine the cause of a single car crash early this morning that caused a sheriff's deputy -- cost him his life. he lost control of his cruiser and hit a guard rail before hitting a tree. the victim has been identified as a corporal, a 14 year veteran of the force. his father served baltimore city, and a brother who works for the sheriff. >> i have to say to his parents they aren't supposed to bury their child. parents aren't supposed to bury
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their children. this is very difficult for them. for charlie's family and from what i understand it was a sizable family, our prayers go out. >> the governor has ordered flags be lowered to half staff in tribute to him and the office plans to drape the headquarters patrol cars and deputies badges with black in his memory. and a 7 year veteran of the police department was hurt in a crash in pasadena. a spokesman for the department said that the officer's cruiser overturned just before nine last night at the intersection ofroute 100 and cathryn avenue. the officer was taken to the hospital but is now recovering at home. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. police say that they believe the roads were wet at the time of the crash. investigators found an unexpected connection between two storey that we first told you about yesterday. the ofcers seen here pistol
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whipping a teen is one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the sheriff gary hoffman. donald taylor is suing the sheriff along with his wife in federal court. they claim that christy murphy taylor a former detective with the sheriff's department was harassed by the corporal john hoffman who is the sheriff's brother. they say the sheriff knew and did nothing. in tonight's health alert the cdc officials say they have confirmed one death from the west nile virus. they haven't released a name, age or location. according to the cdc87 people died nationwide this summer from the west nile virus. the department of agriculture will be spraying the millford mill area tonight in response to the recent case that happened in our area. the cdc said the best way to
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protect yourself is to use insect repellant. you know whether it's viruses or surgery we have access to high end care with some of the wept hospitals in the country. now doctors are using their stills to reach out to women in be developed countries. >> reporter: here in the united states the threat of cervical cancer has gone done significant but in under developed countries it's still a real threat. >> most of these countries it's the leading cause of cancer in women and leading cause of death in women. it's a huge problem. . >> reporter: a problem that often goes undetected until it's to late. a professer at john's hopkins has spent a lot of time in africa reaching out to women in need. when a woman develops cervical
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cancer there are no symptoms until it's advanced. by then the ability to treat it is often gone. >> reporter: because of a low cost technique that uses vinegar and a flash right they are getting a second chance. an organization came up with the idea to fight cancer. >> you swab the cervix with vinegar for a minute and then look. precancer lesions generally will show up as a white legislation with the application. >> reporter: if treatment is necessary it can be done at the same visit with that piece of equipment that freezes the affected area. >> that's a simple technique. it's done with usually with co2 in a tank. it doesn't require electricity. >> reporter: a simple and effective technique that's saving lives. abc 2news. >> and to learn more about the
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program just head to abc and click on the health tab and for the latest health news any time just like abc 2news on facebook. well he is baseball's iron man. he is bei honored a different kind of medal tonight. we are live with the latest on his and the orioles playoff run is great for fans but how about the city of baltimore? we will look at the impact. >> wonder if they made the statue out of iron. 86 degrees at the airport. the clouds and rain holding temperatures down. we didn't make that 90-degree guarantee. four degrees. clearing right now. that's good for the orioles but for how long? we have the answer straight ahead.
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. you're watching the station that works for you. now, abc 2news at six. >> our top story, art the man credited with bringing football back to charm city died of natural causes. he was 87. he is best remembered for his contributions to the nfl. he was the owner of the browns 1961 to 1995. then the ravens from 1996 to 2003. he helped launch monday night football but was perhaps just as well known for his charity work including 20 years of service in the cleveland clinic board. he and his wife were devote to
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the art. he is survive bid his sons and six grandchildren. ray louis was drafted by the ravens in 1996. he has a super bowl ring, more than a dozen probowl nods and other awards. he said none would have been possible without art. he was there last night at the hospital. >> it's emotional to loose somebody that the only reason i'm here is because of him. only reason the rave convenience a team is because of him. the only reason a lot of sacrifice that have happened throughout the league is because of him. any time you can leave a legacy like that we shouldn't -- we shouldn't morn, we do, we should be celebrating him. >> louis said art was an incredible leader and like a father to him. though he was not a part of
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baltimore's other franchise his loss still affects them . art was a national football league visionary and pioneer who impact continues to this day. he and his late wife pat were as committed to charity as they were to football. on behalf of the organization i extend my sympathies to his sons john and david and the rest of the family. they will remember art tonight at camden before tonight's start. the team will hold a moment of silence so fans can remember him. we celebrate his life tonight the orioles will honor and celebrate the career of cal ripkin. just moments ago his statue was revealed the anniversary of the night he broke the record. live with more on the sold out crowd that just is us, no
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yankee fans. >> reporter: we are going to have a tribute to art on saturdayt. will be held at the stadium. they will put his casket on the field with the lombardi trophy. we will have a chance to have a silent tribute to him. you can come in and wear your purple and show the world how much we loved art. we are showing how much we love the orioles. we know its been emotional but just a half hour ago brooks robinson hugged cal ripkin. unbelievable. we are seeing light-rail, orange and black, coming off that to come inside here. the yankees have fallen down the ladder. now the orioles are owning this town again. we just revealed the statue. it's of cal throwing the by.
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vi is here, brooks is here, earl is here, palmer is here, kenny is here, eddie is here, so are the fans. though are just going by saying it's incredible. this is what it was like and it's like this again. i want to bring in brian. our great reporter. you have a great story tonight. >> yeah. i guess last year we did a story about the economic impact much the first ravens home playoff game in years. that economist said as we did that -- by the way if the orioles ever get good again it'll mean so much more money. we decided to dig in. it's the economic impact story but beyond that, it's about this after 15 years. there is so much orange,. >> i can't wait to see it. we are seeing graduates from
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all the era's, those in first grade are coming out to support the orioles. it's a sold out crowd and what a day it is. we will have a moment of silence and then that moment. 17 years ago when cal broke the record. what are what are fans saying? they are just loving it. people are coming to the ballpark. the excitement is -- if they win four straight you won't be able to live here on monday night. >> live down at the yard. we will see you back here at 11. att with a look at the weather. so happy for that,
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significant nighttime. i said -- looks like money around that one. tonight, tomorrow and sunday. maybe a doubleheader. interesting. the rain that we had earlier, hoping those midday showers would get out of here. they have, we will continue to look for steady, clearing from -- west to east. around central maryland really not seeing any active weather. stray shower here on the i-274 that's fizzled out. it'll be damp from camden, all the humidity. that's not going away. as we take you down to the ballpark looking good. baltimore a cloudy weather situation. here at end of the day.
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late day clearing. that will set the stage for a nice day tomorrow. you will see -- dale city, look at beach. the heaviest rain. enough showers. temperatures in the upper 70s. ocean city camera seems not to be there. 80 degrees. the current condition right now and humidity around 74% as we check out the weave. thehe last place to clear. humidity ridge over the midatlantic. muggy, fog a possibility by daybreak despite the rain clearing out. i think we are clear from the rain. tomorrow the chance for a stray shower. the better chance of rain late
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day saturday. frontal boundary to the west. squeeze play, saturday afternoon and night. plans for the game here. be advised there could be issues with rain delays and active weather patterns, leftover of isaac still redeveloping possibly and nadine double hurricanes in the atlantic. power house -- with the well defined eye. this is hurricane michael and of course hurricane leslie still out there churning to. not posing a big threat as now. i think we are up to 90, just a stray shower in the mix. weekend relatively dry friday, dry saturday saturday but saturday afternoon. sunday afternoon good, into monday, ravens game day, it'll feel like fall and like
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football for the men in black and purple. >> thank you. it's a new generation, the new burger and chicken opened today. the same building that housed it in the 1950s. locations on richie highway. it'll still serve the original giant burger and you can get a super burger with more beef and a bigger bun. they were first founded in 1957, by a former baltimore coach. the brand has been created with 25 franchises ed in this area. we will be right back. anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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. before we go here is a look of what we are working on. the cdc said this is one of the worst years for the west nile virus. tonight a county is taking action to stop the spread of the illness. we are going going to take you there. and a huge game at the yard tonight. wyatt with the forecast that will be picture perfect. >> i think so. little damp from the rain. ray car is clear. hour by hour overnight. be advised of that.
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>> thank you. we will see you back here at 11.
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